Smartphones that are worth a second look

I was listening to a radio program recently where the topic was smartphones for seniors. It was a call in show, so several recommendations were made and helpful hints offered. This show prompted me to do more research on my own. Since so many of our employees are often buying their first smart phone, I thought I would share what I learned with you.

The 2 phones that I repeatedly saw recommended were the Doro 824 Smart Easy and Jitterbug Smart. PC Magazine has the most impartial review and I've included a link to it here.

Doro 824 Smart Easy - features:

Affordable. Easy-to-navigate software. Great call quality and volume. Well integrated Emergency Alert button and Helper feature. Includes a charging dock.

Jitterbug Smart - features:

Affordable. Simplified interface with ability to switch to standard Android layout. 5Star Urgent Response integration. Good call quality.

Neither have great cameras, but that is not the biggest need when you are buying a simplified smart phone. If you have either phone, I would love to hear what you think about them.


There is a setting you can turn on in both Android and Apple phones to make it easier to use 

I recently learned of an option available in most Smart Phone to simplify the user experience. It is called Easy Mode. You get there from your Settings option on your home page. You can try setting it yourself or stop by your wireless phone company and they will be able to help you. I have attached a link with some instructions if you are feeling brave. It removes clutter and enlarges the images and letters.

While I didn't change my phone to Easy Mode, I did enlarge my keypad. It seems like I am always hitting the key on the side of the letter I want, so this seems like a good option to try for a while. My son, Thomas, uses the color blind display which helps him see the pictures and icons on the phone. My cousin, who is deaf, uses her smart phone with several voice to text features. There look to be dozens of other settings to assist you.

If you are finding something challenging on your phone, stop my your carrier store and I bet they can help you make adjustments. 



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