We offer a secure, non-intrusive way for you to make sure your doctor or emergency personnel have all the information they need to give you or your loved one the best medical care possible. When advocating for a parent having a comprehensive health record can make all the difference in how confident you feel.

What we do

We will consolidate all your records from multiple medical providers, laboratories and pharmacies into a single health record available any time you need it. The consolidation process requires several steps and can take a few weeks, however, the average record requires 4 labor hours to complete.

Rate $30.00 per hour

Delivery Options

Your consolidated record will be returned to you in the medium (paper, desktop app or mobile app) of your choice. Our preferred storage and management tools are HealthVault from Microsoft and Capzule for your iPhone or iPad.  You can read more information about each application by selecting the links in the pictures below.


Add Health Maintenance Information

Integrate your daily Health Monitoring results into your PHR to improve the quality of medical care your doctor can deliver.

Blood Pressure records

Glucose results

Daily activity levels

Always Secure, Comprehensive, Consolidated and Readily Available. It can make all the difference in your care in an emergency.
— d. Gomez