When should you think about hiring a Care Manager?

Care Managers are especially useful when family caregivers live far away from the parents and when the family does not have an agreed upon plan of care. Care managers can evaluate and assess your parent's needs and coordinate care through community and private resources. You might also call on them to help lead a family discussion to develop your parent's care plan. Think of a care manager as the "professional " you've always wanted in the family who works on your behalf and eases your worry.

What will we do?

Put together a Plan of Care

  •  We will complete an assessment that includes the current level functioning of your parent. You will receive a written report of the results of this assessment that will include recommendations and an action plan. We frequently present the assessment and plan as part of a family conference conducted in person or virtually. A typical assessment takes between 5 - 8 hours, depending on how complicated the situation is.

Execute the plan for you

  • This service is delivered by a Certified Geriatric Care Manager, Registered Nurse or Master level Social Worker. Your Care Manager will lead a team that will support you in locating, monitoring, coordinating and obtaining appropriate resources in managing your parent's daily living needs. Teams are composed based on need, but typically include a Social Worker, Nurse and personal aide.

Keep you informed of our progress

  • We will monitor your parent's progress against the plan and update the plan as needed. We can send communication via email or video conference, based on your preference. All services are itemized and the price charged reflects the complexity of the task, not who completed it.

Reference Documents

Service Agreement

Geriatric Care Assessment and Plan

Care Plan Coordination Form


Visit the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers to learn best practices in hiring a care manager, click here