Thank You Betsy from Norwex

I am are very grateful to Betsy Kimberlin, an Norwex Independent Consultant, for attending both of our Quarterly Employee Meetings last week. Betsy provided information on the chemical free cleaning tools available from Norwex. She was especially convincing on the power of the Enviro Cloths when she showed how it cleaned up chicken fat with only water. Ugh!

IMG_1504 2.jpg

Several employees won Household Packages and Basic Packages so they could get started with the products themselves. I am looking forward to hearing from Curt, Mark, Allison, Bille and the others at our May Quarterly regarding how the cloths have worked for them.

If you want to learn more about the products, here is Betsy's contact information. 

Betsy Kimberlin   616-450-4389 or Betsy