Diabetes PATH Leader wanted

Hello caregivers,

Are you interested in becoming a leader? Do you like to help out those who are struggling with Diabetes? If so, this opportunity might be just for you.

We are looking for two employees to become Diabetes PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) Leaders. A Diabetes PATH Leader is someone who is a role model for healthy behaviors, possesses good listening skills, is dependable and consistent, and who is able to express empathy to the needs and abilities of others. PATH Leaders must be willing and available to co-facilitate a DIABETES PATH workshop, which are often groups of 12-16 individuals. These workshops meet once a week for six weeks, each session being 2 1/2 hours long.

If this sounds like something you want to do, the training details and contact information are listed below:

Location: 3215 Eaglecrest Dr. Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Date: August 28-31

Time: 9am-4pm every day

Cost: Free. Lunch is provided.

Contact Nora or Ann at MSC to learn more. We will gladly cover your time at the PATH training on August 28 - 31. Call soon.

Applications are due by Aug. 17, 2017.