Dementia Caregiver Training Opportunity

As more and more of our clients are dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's challenges, we have been looking for training resources to help prepare you for those assignments. In order for you to have the best caregiving experience, we believe you need access to helpful and appropriate training. Being confident that you can provide good care is essential to your experience with us.

I have two options to share with you:

1. Care Training Resource video program sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association.

This online program offers individual training in dementia care, as well as individual certification by the Alzheimer's Association to recognize those who complete the program and demonstrate knowledge of quality dementia care practices.

essentiALZ Dementia Basics: This certification can be earned after taking the approved prerequisite training, CARES® Dementia Basics (4 hours). The essentiALZ Dementia Basic exam covers the basics of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, understanding behavior, communication and person-centered care.

We have prepaid for several courses and will gladly offer a $40.00 bonus to each person who successfully passes the exam and becomes certified. Please call the Office to get started with this course.

2. If you are already familiar with Alzheimer's care and just need a refresher, or do not currently have any Alzheimer's client and want to start learning, this is a very helpful brochure you can print.

Alzheimer's Behaviors Brochure for Caregivers, click here.



Medicare Prescription Drug Plan - OPEN ENROLLMENT



Now is the time to review your Prescription Drug Plan and determine if you want to make changes. To help you in your decision making I want to share a service I recently came across. 

MMAP, Inc. is a local service that works through the Area Agencies on Aging to provide high quality and accessible health benefit information and counseling, supported by a statewide network of unpaid and paid skilled professionals. Too many of our seniors share stories of exorbitant medical and prescription bills. I breaks my heart to hear what they are dealing with when there are good options available, they just don't know about them. 

Please think about calling and having your plan reviewed and then sharing your knowledge with your Receivers.

CALL 1-800-803-7174 to get started.

This is a great link full of wonderful resources and additional Medicare and Medicaid information, from MMAP. click here